Caroline Thay - Attract your Soulmate Relationship

Attract Your Soulmate Relationship

Identify and clear the blocks holding you back from Love
Manifest your perfect partner
Experience Love & Connection in a healthy relationship

Your capacity to love yourself will be mirrored by your partner or future partner.
Increase your self-love through this powerful guided visualization and experience the love you deserve.

The best way to experience love and connection with your soulmate is to build a healthy relationship with yourself.
Become that partner you seek.

A brand new program for manifesting your Soulmate Relationship

Learn the tools I used to manifest my perfect partner
Become your own healer or use the tools with your clients

 Clear blocks holding you back from Love
Attract the best partner for you
Learn to love yourself so your partner can mirror that love back to you
Create love and harmony in your connection

Meet Caroline Thay

Hi, I am Caroline and I am an Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and Subconscious Reprogramming Expert. I help people build healthy relationships starting with the one they have with themselves and clear blocks to Love.

Growing up, I suffered from a number of trauma that led me to block off my feelings and emotions. The disconnection kept me safe but left me with the inability to access my inner guidance and feel love.

After healing and shifting these blocks I was able to attract the perfect partner that I could ever hope for in the most unexpected ways. When you are ready the Universe delivers.

This relationship isn't like anything I have ever known. The connection, alignment and deep love and understanding of each other make the relationship so smooth and easy that it is worth everything it has taken to be able to experience that.

I wish for everyone to know and live this kind of relationship and love connection.

 "Caroline gave me a great deal of insight about my life and specific issues I needed to work on to have clarity.

If you are looking for someone to get to the heart of what is holding you back, Caroline can do this on many fronts and no matter what your belief system. You leave after a session with Caroline and you feel like you have a new lease on your life and more importantly, you actually begin to like the person you are.

Romi Stepovich
Writer, Consultant

 "Caroline is an amazingly powerful, incredibly persistent human being who consistently outgrows herself to be the best she can be. She has inspired and empowered many around her -- including me :) -- as she walked her talk and as she led by example!

She is such a leader, go-getter and make-it-happen personality that I know NOTHING would stop her from whatever she wants to achieve in her wonderful journey of growth and contribution.

Shiny Burcu Unsal
Top-rated Leadership Professor @UCLAx, Author, Speaker

How I can help

The person you attract into your life is a mirror of your relationship with yourself. This guided visualization will help you increase your capacity to love yourself.

Online programs and guided visualizations to help you overcome blocks to Love.
More training coming soon.

Check back for new dates.

 "I was immediately drawn to Caroline’s approach because of 3 things: her own experience, her undisputed knowledge of the subject and her obvious commitment to help others." 

Touve R. Ratovondrahety
Principal Pianist with the ballet corps of the Paris Opera

 "Caroline has been like a lighthouse in my life providing guidance in the various phases of my life. I would say what characterizes Caroline the most is her listening skill, empathy and ability to hold space for others. She perceives energy and what is happening underneath the conscious awareness and because of that she is able to take you deep into the inner work. She empowers you to take back control over your life.

Cristina Cavaleiro

  "When I met Caroline I immediately had a good contact with her as a person and appreciated her professionalism. Caroline likes to help others and she masters her subject.

  At the end of each session, I feel more serene and have more confidence in life. Working with Caroline has enabled me to have a greater understanding of myself and others. I now have a different outlook on life. I look at the behaviors, emotions and attitudes of people around me with more detachment.  

During the sessions, Caroline shares her knowledge and tools. She doesn't hesitate to give you keys that you can implement right away." 

Melanie Lemonnier
Psychic Intuitive Healer

 "Caroline has an arsenal of tools and exercises that are effective in digging deeper into the core and the past. Caroline has the personal experience and strength to relate to people and to find solutions together in a level that no other guide can.

Grace F.