Clear Negative Emotions in under 10 Minutes

Combining EMDR and EFT the butterfly hug or WHEE calms you down when you're feeling sad, angry or hurt

Conflicts hurt! Especially if you are a sensitive or empathetic person you feel it deeply.

The upsetting emotions can take over your whole life, leaving you unable to focus or function.

You feel like a headless chicken running around, in search of a way to distract yourself and forget or stop feeling for a second.

You wish there could be an off button you can press to turn off these emotions.

Maybe the hurt, anger, sadness even make you say things you later regret.

You are not recognizing yourself, the higher and wiser side of you.

Introducing the butterfly hug also known as WHEE (Whole Health Easily and Effectively), an  energy clearing technique that can bring you relief in just 10 minutes.

  • Learn how to use this technique every time you feel emotional.
  • Clear any negative emotions that you experience.
  • Feel happier and lighter in just minutes.

What's included

step-by-step instructions

Presentation of the technique with detailed instructions so you can safely and easily use it at home or wherever you feel the need.


An overview of what emotions are and are not.
A list of common emotions and feelings to help you quickly identify what you feel.



Meet your Future Self to ask questions and guidance. Then take aligned action to move forward.

THE Balloon of dissatisfaction guided visualization (value $17)

This guided journey will help you release what has been weighing you down so you can feel lighter and more peaceful.

 Presented by Caroline Thay 

Hi, I am Caroline and I am an Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. I help people build healthy relationships starting with the one they have with themselves and manifest their Soulmate Partner.  

Growing up, I suffered from a number of trauma that led me to block off my feelings and emotions. The disconnection kept me safe but left me with the inability to access my inner guidance and feel love.  

After healing and shifting these blocks and working on mastering my emotions I was able to attract the perfect partner that I could ever hope for in the most unexpected ways. When you are ready the Universe delivers

"I felt like my Higher Self was given me the hug that I needed it. There was so much love and peace and it was such an emotional overwhelming moment but yet my heart felt so content and loved. I couldn’t recommended it more! I can’t recommend Caroline and her teachings enough! She is truly amazing and gifted!"

Daysi Espana Maphosa

Intuitive Reader

Alexandre Fouché

" In just 5 minutes, I could perceive a real change in my internal structure, I felt more relaxed. Thanks to the letting go produced by the Butterfly Hug, I was able to overcome my resistance and connect with sincerity and authenticity the parts of my Being that needed to be brought to light and welcomed in order to be transmuted. "

Melanie Lemonnier

Psychic Intuitive Healer

Clear Negative Emotions in under 10 Minutes


$7 (Regular $47)

100% risk-free.
30-day money back guarantee.

  • Step-by-step instructions with video
  • Emotion guide
  • BONUS: Future Self guided visualization 
  • BONUS: The Balloon of dissatisfaction